Healthy Choices: You are what you lather

In an attempt to live a healthier more conscience lifestyle I’ve been slowly changing the products I use.  Since coming back to America, I’ve realized there are a lot of weird things in our products.  I knew before about weird additives but I never really took much notice until I realized my deodorant was so much different in Spain compared to America.  It weirded me out so I started doing a little research.


I first noticed something weird about deodorant.  Spain deodorant was not as effective and none of it was solid like I was used to.


I wanted to know why.  Then I realized that the deodorant in America is not just deodorant but also antiperspirant- meaning American deodorant stops you from sweating rather than just absorbing the sweat. Now the reason Spain stopped using an aluminum alloy in their deodorant was because scientists are suspicious that blocking sweat glands can adverse effects.  Sweat is an important bodily function to rid the body of toxins.  Stopping perfectly natural bodily functions can lead to a build-up of toxins.   There are not solid studies proving there are adverse effects but scientists suspect the use of aluminum deodorants can contribute to Alzheimer’s, cancer, cause hormone imbalances and ore. While the studies are not definitive yet, it does make me wary.  So I went from Dove deodorant to Desert Essence Spring Fresh. I don’t smell like a dirty hippie. The scent is subtle and though I might reapply after working out, it’s not a burden.

The next thing I changed was my toothpaste.  At first I was noticing my teeth yellowing so I bought some whitening strips.  giphy-3As I was reading the best was to apply they it said it was best not to use peroxide based toothpaste with the strips.  I hadn’t really thought about it but peroxide is the ingredient used to whiten teeth.  Peroxide is super powerful and can erode away enamel; this causes tooth sensitivity.  So I switched from Colgate whitening toothpaste to Hello toothpaste.  Me breathe smells fine, my teeth don’t feel sensitive and my teeth don’t look are as white as they’ll ever be.

As part of a whole series of changed in my purchase habits, I bought a new brand of mascara.


For a while now I was careful to buy makeup that didn’t test on animals, I wasn’t looking at buying vegan products.   Some examples of the shit they put in makeup is guanine, which sounds a bit like guano or bat poop.  It’s in mascaras and lipsticks.  You might be putting bat poop directly on your mouth!  There’s squalene, which is a weird word.  It’s derived from shark livers. Tallow might sound familiar, it’s a common ingredient in eyeshadows, lipsticks and foundations.  It’s made from boiling animal carcasses and sifting out the fat. So I started with changing my mascara from Too Faced Lash Injection to Pacifica Aquarius Gaze. Pacifica doesn’t quite make my lashes look as full as Too Faced but the wand separates my lashes much better.


Not everyone is ready to change their beauty routine.  We become so accustomed to certain brands, we feel like their family. But we forget that products have some weird stuff in them and our bodies are temples.  We need to adorn them with more love and less chemicals.


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