Planning Asia Stage 2

Part of what helps me organize my budget and trip plans is making a chart. This chart has estimated prices.

Check it out: asia-chart

Asia is coming together.  I will be booking things in the next couple of days.  I booked my main tour with G Adventures.  The tour is the main thing that I used to figure out my budget, time management and such.  I chose this company because they focus on sustainability and working with communities to create positive impact. Tour Radar is also a resource I use to find good deals of tours everywhere.  Their customer service is great.  They respond in a timely fashion and you can use online messaging or call.



Flights: I have a blog post about buying cheap flights. Sky scanner is has the best deals, most options, it’s easy to use and the month flexibility feature is incredibly helpful.

Food: This website is amazing because it has a basic guide for most cities around the world with estimated costs.  I also used

Hostels: I just think this website is easy to use and comprehensive.


Travel Insurance: Seven Corners is affordable and their customer service is great.

Things to Do: 

Check out my pinterest board for all the resources I’ve been using to plan my trip.

Check out my last post about Asia for more information.

Let me know if you have questions!

4 thoughts on “Planning Asia Stage 2

  1. When you say Asia, are you only planning on South East Asia? Will you also be covering other countries? I’m from India (which is South Asia), live in Qatar (West Asia) and have traveled to China and some South East Asian countries. Let me know if you need help. So excited for your trip! It’ll be so much fun 🙂


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