My Last Last Semester of College

While I did graduate with a Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2014, I went back to take two more English classes.  After two years of teaching English, I decided I wanted to either go to graduate school or apply for jobs as a copywriter.  So to do that I needed those last two English classes to unofficially be a double major in Psychology AND English.  It was super weird going back to my university.giphy.gif

First off, I felt old.  People’s jaws would drop when I told them my age.  Probably because I have the face of a high schooler.  You know what they say, yellow never mellows (I know sometimes that refers to pee but also applies to Asians).    Some of the other weird things about campus: lots of Jesus people try to stop me and want to talk about my relationship to Christ.  I mean like once is okay but after like the third time in a month it was just excessive.  I don’t remember there being that many zealous Christians.  Then the student union used to have more local restaurants with healthy options.  Now it is all fast food drenched in oil.  Things obviously shifted at University of New Mexico.

The two classes I took were Creative Non-Fiction and Writing for Pop Culture.  Both classes really helped me grow as a writer. Each class helped ignite my passion for writing.  I made a second blog about horror if you want to check it out.  My non-fiction is not ready for the masse yet but I’m hoping to send them out for publication eventually.  source.gif

It felt nice to be in a routine.  I’ve always loved learning especially from teachers that facilitate conversation.  But I felt old being in a sandwich shop and in class with people much younger than me and they are shocked to find out I’m 26.  It was odd to see people from high school and their faces said, “Oh, you’re still here.”  In high school I was always seen as a smart and ambitious so to see me in a sandwich shop seemed surprising to them.   I know that traveling and teaching English is a huge accomplishment but it’s not evident I’ve accomplished these things from behind the counter.

The best part about spending time back at home was seeing my friends.  Life moves fast. Another friend had a child and her second child is due this month.  Another friend bought an airstream trailer and truck to travel the country. A friend passed from a motorcycle accident and another from addiction.  Having time to connect back with people was so important.  It was something that was missing in my life in Spain- The feeling of community.  It was sad to let go of some people. I attended two funerals in the past six months.  Both were reminders to stay inspired and keep fighting for happiness. giphy.gif

My mother did amazing during her chemo.  Luckily she had the lowest dose for the shortest amount of time.  And this week she finished her radiation.  All we can do is pray that the battle is over.  She’s back to going to parties, playing music and going for walks with the dog.

It’s been overwhelming and trying being back home: catching up with friends, caring for my mom, booked Asia and learned a lot.  I have a new chapter in my life.  As beautiful as it is, it is hard to let go.


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