2017 I’m Coming For You

2016 was a rude year.  I terms of the world, we had Syria meltdown, Brexit backfire, Trump won the election despite losing the popular vote by ~3 million, the Pulse Shooting shocked America and terrorist attacks in Nice, Anakara and Brussels terrified the world.  In terms of my personal life, the first part of the year was great then May hit and it was miserable.  The first part of the year I explored so many places and met amazing people.  But then my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer so I rushed home from Spain, my friend Matt Faut died in a motorcycle accident and my close dear friend Maria Anaya died from addiction. The first half of 2016 was great.   It needs to end and I hope it ends well.  At least, 2017 is already shaping up to be better because I have my trip to Asia booked with my mom and I’ll be moving to Los Angeles in March.


New Year’s resolutions!  A yearly tradition of hoping to be a better person.  It’s a grand gesture to yourself praying that January 1st will be the beginning of a new and improved you.

I made some resolutions last year.  Let’s see how I did!

Resolution What happened?
Be Healthy I’ve been good about working out with hula hooping, yoga, pilates, biking and weight training.
Watch less TV I totally failed.  Last night, I watch the whole season of Crashing.  I consume way too much media!
Write more Between writing classes, my blog and short stories I’ve written a lot this year! I even got a few freelance gigs to add to my portfolio.
Work on creative writing I wrote a few short stories while I was in Spain.  My creative writing class has helped me grow in leaps and bounds as a writer.  So I can mark this as achieved!
Be Positive I’ve managed to keep all my social media on the brighter side.  Though I post an occasional political video I think it’s important to stay aware.  While this is a vague resolution it’s safe to say I managed to accomplish this.

4 out of 5 resolutions achieved! At least I didn’t disappoint myself!


So I have more resolutions this year:

Get a short story published

Consume less media

Work on arm strength (do a pull up!)

Hula hoop and meditate more


Be creative with writing and art.  

Achieving These

So along with last year’s resolution of writing more this year I’m taking it further.  I want to get published.  I worked on some great stuff in my creative writing class, perhaps those can be publishable?source.gif

Consuming less media, as in social media and television, will be imperative.  I just deleted twitter off of my phone and I don’t use snapchat.  Facebook and Instagram are pretty important for staying connected but I need to shrink the time I spend on those. It would be great to limit my TV time as well.  It’s just such a bad habit of putting on Netflix while I’m getting ready.  Music would be a better alternative.


As a part of being healthy I made some concrete goals.  I’m working on my pull ups and arm balances.  Hula hooping is something I took up this year thanks to some of my friends inspiring me.  So I’d like to keep working on that skill.  I just started the Do You Yoga Meditation Challenge.  I’m day 5 so far!  It’s been so helpful to get me to sleep better.


Travel is always a goal in my future.  First, I have to find a job but I have a couple ideas for trips.  I have a lot of ideas for short trips or going to music festivals.  It all just depends on what kind of job I can get. So we’ll see what transpires.giphy-4.gif

I’ve always been pretty creative but I’ve sacrificed that to write and work.  But I’ve taken up some new hobbies like adult coloring, origami and crafting.  I’ve already done an origami mobile which I would like to do more and a collage of travel maps. giphy-5.gif

I have some high hopes this year.


Did you achieve your resolutions last year and what are your resolutions this year?

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