Asia Trip Planning Finalized


Eek!  The time is drawing near.  Asia is on the horizon.  I finalized my trip a while ago but I’m finally getting energy and time to write about it. First, I’m doing three weeks with my mom in the Philippines.  I haven’t been to the Philippines since I was in kindergarten!  I’ll be spending quality time with my family and do a bit of sightseeing.

Then I’m spending time in Bangkok on my own.  I booked a tour of Ayutthaya to see temples and culture. Get Your Guide has been a great resource for  affordable day tours.  I used them to book tours in Europe like Barcelona Dark History and London Ghost Tour.  My only issue is that many of the tours want people in groups.  I understand they don’t want to book a tour for only one person but it is inconvenient for me.

I’ll meet up with my G Adventure tour group to travel through the south of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  I’m taking a few days in Singapore to regroup then I’m off to Bali on my own.  Altogether I’m be gone from January 7th-February 22rd.

Choosing my tour with G Adventure came down to seeing the most countries for the cheapest price.  While I wanted to see Cambodia but The Ultimate Cambodian Adventure was more expensive and did less than the tour I decided on.  Bangkok to Singapore on Shoestring is 14 days for $1189. Activities include hiking, snorkeling, meeting monks and more.  The plus side of doing a tour is I don’t have to worry about planing things, I can see more in a shorter amount of time, everything is included and I can share my experience with other people.

Solo travel has it’s perks because it is laid back, I have the opportunity to have a more intimate experience and enjoy simple exploring.  Bali has been known to be a great country for solo travelers. Mostly I just want some ocean air.  I’m planning on taking things as they go.  I have somethings planned but nothing solid.

One tip I learned is to make sure to email your hostels about airport pickup.  It’s important to see if they can set up an airport pick up or at least so advice for finding transportation.  The issue is Asia does not have info structure America and Europe do so planning transportation is more difficult.

I’m so excited for my trip!  I’ll post as much as I can during my trip.  I probably won’t do full blog posts for the duration of my trip.

Estimated cost of my trip: 

Flights Accommodation Food Other
Philippines RT: 1083 Family Family Extra: 150
Bangkok 114 77.50 for 5 nights 60 Extra:150 Ayuthaya tour: 60
Tour 1189 290 250
Singapore 111 71.58 for 2 nights 40 Extra: 100 Gardens at the Bay: 23
Bali 136 Ubud: 44.55 for 5 nights

Uluwatu: 18 for 2 nights

84 Extra $350
Philippines 14 for 1 night


12 $40
Total: ~4,293.63


1330 1414.63


486 1063

So I’ve paid for some of this off over the past 6 months like the tours and flights.   In the spending money I’ve accounted for cab rides, metro cards, tour fees and more. Granted, my food budget and extra spending money is definitely more than I actually plan on spending.  My food budget is based on if I eat out everyday but I made sure all my hostels have kitchens.  I hope my series of posts will help others plan their trips and understand the costs of going abroad.

Let me know if this is helpful!

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