Packing for Asia

Packing is always a battle.  I make lists, do a little research, go shopping and pack a few days beforehand.  I double, triple check everything.  I fight with my backpack to fit all my stuff in.  Figuring out what to take is always complicated. I don’t want to pack too much because this things needs to fit in an overhead compartment but I don’t want to realize I need something.  There is always a lingering feeling I’m forgetting something important.

The List 

  • Toiletries: bug spray, 50 SPF sunscreen, baby oil, conditioner, bar shampoo and soap, dollop of tinted moisturizer, eyebrow pencil, mini mascara, contact solution, contact case, 8 pairs of contact lenses, deodorant, hand sanitizer and detergent. IMG_0008.jpg
  • Entertainment/ Organization: adult coloring book, colored pencils, kindle, notebook, planner, folder for documents and passport.IMG_0013.jpg
  • Clothing: 3 tanks, 2 pj pants, 5 harem pants, 1 yoga pants, 1 light jeans, one hoodie,1 light sweater, 1 cover up, sarong, 5 socks, 10 undies, 3 bras, 6 shirts, nice sandals, Tevas, sneakers, light scarf, cap, rain jacket, 3 necklaces and one dress.
  •  Stuff: 3 locks: two small and one padlock, money belt, backpack and waterproof cover, small purse, head lamp, sleeping bag, large backpack, neck pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs. IMG_0012.jpg
  • First Aid: Imodium, tums, allergy pills, bandages, antibacterial wipes, aspirin, Neosporin, gauze, tape, thermometer, vitamins B, Garlic and zinc.


A little exposition about my packing choices:

Toiletries: It’s been hard to limit my toiletries!  I’m so used to fun soaps, lotions and perfumes.  My beauty routine takes a lot of work but I have to put my beauty routine on hold for this trip.  Instead of my usual shampoo I’m using a bar. In order to use less plastic And Limit my liquids. Instead of my usual lotion and coconut oil I’m using baby oil.  I put it on after a shower instead of lotion and use it on my scalp for my eczema. Then of course, sunscreen and bug spray are a must for any traveler.

I’m bringing very minimal makeup for the nights I go out but I don’t intend on wearing makeup often. So if I go out I’ll have tinted moisturizer, eyebrow pencil and mascara. Tarte and E.L.F. are both cruelty free brands.

Detergent is important to have when you are in a pinch with no clean underwear and no washer in sight.  I can just hand wash something, hang them up and be good to go.

Entertainment: Plane rides and layovers are so annoying.  So I downloaded a bunch of books to my kindle.  Recently, I got into adult coloring to unwind.  Its’ a good time waster.  A notebook is extra important for taking notes, drawing and just hashing out ideas for things.  I put in food I want to try, things I want to do and information about stuff.  Then out of a necessity I have a folder for documents like my passport, tour vouchers, and plane tickets.source.gif

Clothing: I’m not a glam girl so my clothes are more about comfort and practicality: I’m mostly packing lightweight harem pants.  They are easy to pack, modest, lightweight and comfortable. Most of my shirts are short sleeved to cover my tattoos and maintain modesty.  The tanks are mostly to go with my pjs or to be paired with a cover up. I’m bringing a hoodie mostly for planes because it gets cold, then a light sweater for actual walking around, then a scarf and necklaces for embellishments.  A light scarf is also good to use as a shawl for going into temples.  I’m only bringing one dress and a pair of nice sandals for nights I go out.  Tevas and sneakers will be for actually walking around. I love my Tevas.  When I go camping that’s my go to shoe unless we go for a long hike.  They are comfortable, sporty, easy to take on and off.

First Aid Kit: It’s important to have some supplies for emergencies.  Nomad Matt has a great post about first aid supplies.  So I packed basic medication: Imodium, tums, aspirin and allergy pills.  Unfortunately, I was not able to figure out my malaria prescription antibiotic in time to I’ll just be hoping for the best.  Of course I have a selection of bandages, gauze and medical tape.  I put in an oral thermometer.   A fever is a dangerous thing, it’s important to catch early and immediately go to the doctor. Listen, no one wants to have to go to a pharmacy if they are sick or need a pharmacy when you are in the middle of nowhere. Be prepared.giphy-1.gif

I also packed some vitamins.  I take vitamins daily but it’s important to have my health in check.  To keep my immune system in check I’m taking garlic pills and zinc.  Garlic pills are also important for mosquitos.  The smell subtly sweat out of my pores and makes mosquitos avoid me. Being vegetarian I take zinc and vitamin B to supplement my diet and keep my energy naturally up. Vitamins are always going to be different from person to person so consult a medical professional before starting a regime and don’t start the regime during your travels. giphy.gif

Stuff: There’s a lot of little things I’m bringing I’d like to explain.  Every traveler has their different list. Three locks might seem like a lot but I put it on my purse or backpack when I’m walking around and have one for my locker.  Pickpockets and monkeys can’t stick their hand in a locked bag.  However, a lock won’t help me if someone slashes my bag. A money belt is always important to have under your clothes. I’ll have extra cash and a credit card in there. giphy-2.gif

I got some other gadgets a four in one compass with a whistle, thermometer and a magnifying glass.  Sometimes I use maps manually like Columbus in the old days.  It just depends if my phone is working.  Again, be prepared!

For the rain, I have a waterproof backpack cover, a rain jackets and a waterproof phone lanyard.

For long plane rides and noisy hostels, I have my eye mask, a neck pillow and ear plugs. I also download a bedtime track to my phone to drown out noise.

Let me know what you pack!


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