The first stop on my Asia trip was the Philippines; the homeland of my mother. My mom planned the whole 3 weeks.  It was her “I beat cancer” trip.  She hadn’t been back for like seven years.


First stop, Bohol is famous for its wildlife and pristine beaches.  My mom got us a lovely a beautiful room at Alona Beach Resort.  She hired private tour from Bohol Life  guide for three days.  It included car, water and all the attractions.  It cost about $250.



Honeycomb Resort is a local chain with great organic food with a vegetarian friendly menu.  You can tour the garden and bee farm after your lovely meal.

Seashell Museum

Church because every town brags about their place of worship so it must be seen. 16114901_10206333146605915_696573065303144661_n

Butterfly Sanctuary 16265280_10206333129925498_8084327022719324433_n


River boat Cruise


Bamboo Bridge

Chocolate Hills16195194_10206333131685542_4244923079368500206_n



We went to a tarsiers reserve but I lost the photos.  So sadly I can’t show you these it is well worth a visit.


So we went to Cebu.  We saw two of my cousins and see the Sinulog Festival.  I ended up getting sick so I didn’t get to enjoy Cebu.


Butuan City:

My family is part of the founding families of this little city. We basically came here to visit my uncle and go to my grandmother’s grave.   It was nice to see a more authentic Filipino town.




This was also mostly catching up with family.  We ended up staying at a really nice hotel.  Also we went to this place that was the house of an incredibly wealthy family that owned a coconut planation called Villa Escodero. There was a buffet by a waterfall, beautiful views and a cultural show.  Another highlight was going to Green Hills, a sort of indoor market/ mall with really cheap clothes.  I didn’t take pictures but if you are looking to shop in Manila go there.

Philippines is a beautiful country with rich culture.  I’m glad to call it my homeland. img_8173

3 thoughts on “Philippines

  1. So cool! I love the Philippines. My husband’s family all still lives there and we’ve visited twice, but never made it to Bohol. I hope to one day, and your pictures make me feel that way even more so!


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