Ayutthaya, Thailand:Buddha in the Tree

In between my trip to the Philippines and my G Adventures tour I spent a week in Bangkok.  With so much time I decided to book a day tour to see the historic Siamese capital of Ayutthaya to see ruins, temples and a royal palace.

My guide, Donna, was so funny, kind and vibrant.  I adored her! She was born and raised in Ayutthaya. The tour was incredibly informative and beautiful.  But let me say, she has a strong accent so she repeats when and where to meet at each place like three times so it is incredibly clear however adult humans still managed to be late or lost.

The city of Ayutthaya is a UNESCO site. Founded in 1305, It was the second Siamese capital.  Unfortunately, the Burmese destroyed the city in the 18th century.  Then there was an earthquake that damaged many of the great monuments.  Then fairly recently there was a flood which left water damage that is still visible.

Despite being beaten, burned, drowned and shaken the city still stands and still has beautiful ruins, temple and a palace.

The Palace of Bang Pan-In:  This is the summer palace for the royal family.  There’s a temple, pagodas, and a palace on the property.

Monk’s Blessing:  We went to a small temple near the ruins.  Everyone was blessed by the monk, got a bracelet and had our fortune told by these sticks.  It was much more laid back and intimate than places like Wat Po where there long lines.

Wat Maha That Ruins: These were once a monastery built around the 14th century.  They were damaged but still remain a stunning example of Thai architecture.  Most notably is the Buddha face that peaks from under the roots of a tree.  No one is quite sure how this occurred but it’s believed it was just a beautiful accident.

Reclining Buddha


River Cruise

Another fun thing about the tour is we went to a little shopping area.  I bought some gifts that were 1/4 of the price of things in Bangkok.

This was all part of the From Bangkok: Ayutthaya Tour with Return River Cruise with Tour East Thailand. It was $61 and they picked me up from my hostel at The Bed Station in Bangkok.  I booked it with Get Your Guide which is an app and website providing reviewed and affordable tours from all around the world.

If you have a little time Ayutthaya is definitely worth a day trip.


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