G Adventure: Bangkok to Singapore on a Shoestring Review


When I first told my parents I wanted to travel through Asia by myself, they were terrified.  So to ease their fears I booked a tour.  I’d heard of G Adventure from different travelers that loved its open layout, focus on sustainability and group activities.  So I just booked On a Shoestring from Bangkok to Singapore.


I had a lot of fun on the trip and hope the friendships I made will continue.  Hopefully, I’ll make my way to Melbourne to visit the girls I met.  Some of the highlights were island hopping, trekking to large fungi, seeing the view from the Heli bar, partying in Kuala Lumpur, and seeing the Super Grove at night.

Despite having amazing experiences, I would not do a G Adventure Tour again.  When I broke down the fees I was paying $107 a day to be on the tour with the only things included some breakfasts, hotels, transportation, a snorkel trip, street food tour (which we never got) and our guide (ours happened to be subpar). I had to pay out of pocket for all other activities.  It was kind of nice to choose but wasn’t cost effective.


My other issue is the guide kept taking us to expensive restaurants that were pretty Americanized.  He pressured us to eat in a group and when we suggested not going to the restaurant he seemed upset.  So I spent more money on food than I ever would have on my own.


If I had paid out of pocket it would have come to about $42 a day.  And it would have come out to be less on my own because I would have stayed in hostels.  Not only that my tour guide was trying to say he was only paid $25 a day which makes no sense, we were still required to tip and the guide wasn’t very helpful.  My guide was pretty rude, unhelpful and incompetent.


I would only suggest this tour style if you either don’t have time to plan your trip or you feel uncomfortable on your own.  However even then the fact that most activities and food were not included it just doesn’t seem worth it.  I’d probably try a different type of tour.



Don’t worry I’ll post more about each country.  I just thought I’d review the tour itself.

Sangria Lips-3.png


2 thoughts on “G Adventure: Bangkok to Singapore on a Shoestring Review

  1. Yikes, I wouldn’t be pleased with that quality for the price either! It always seems like tours like that are targeted to younger travellers, but have prices that young travellers don’t really want to pay. It’s too bad you can’t kind of find your own accomodations and meal options, but then meet everyday for the activity or to move to the next city or whatever. But! I can’t wait to see your pictures and read about your experiences!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh


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