Driving to LA

When I told everyone I was going to drive to Los Angeles by myself, my parents were terrified.  I was adamant that I would just do it on my own. I decided to download new music and try out this thing I’ve heard of, podcasts.

So I left around 11AM from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I put in some podcasts and stopped by a few places like Jim’s Petrified Wood Shop to see a petrified alligator.  I popped into a few rest stops.  It was about 6 when I got to Flagstaff.  I just spent the night at a Motel 8.

In the morning, I got up early and left.  Sadly, I got a call from my mom that said my aunt was in the hospital for a bladder infection.  My mom was actually flying to LA to meet me.  There was one interested gas station with pink flamingo fountains, a German Shepard greeting people at the door and tanks of fishes in the sitting area.  While I was eating ramen the place was swarmed by a biker gang that was perfectly polite but overwhelming in numbers.

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It might have been nice to have some company but with my podcasts, it felt like I had some friends in the car.

Podcasts I’m Into Now:

The Limit Doesn’t Exist: A show about human Venn Diagrams.  These two women interview people that are involved in both arts and science.  For example, a neurologist who is a photographer or a mathematician pianist. I’ve always felt like I just didn’t have a mind for science but by relating these two fields I feel like I can understand science a little clearer.  It’s also just great to hear passionate people finding their place in life especially as I embark on this journey to LA to find my place.

Anna Faris is Unqualified: This is just a talk show where Anna Farris interviews other entertainers with goofy segments.  At the end, they give unqualified relationship advice to callers.  It’s funny and easy to listen to.  It feels like friends are in the car talking to me.

Freakanomics: I’ve read some of the books of Freakanomics and I was obsessed.  Seeing patterns in the world and figuring out causations might sound boring but it’s actually really interesting.

Guys We’ve F***ed: An anti-slut shaming podcast inspiring women to be honest and real. Topics are often taboo like polyamory, virginity, periods, anal sex, and porn. They interviewed rape advocates from The Hunting Grounds and in another they interviewed the porn star Asa Akira.  These are the conversations we shouldn’t be afraid to have.

Amber Rose Loveline: This is another feminist show but with men giving their perspective. They advise guests, interview people and take on taboo topics.  I love Amber Rose and her crusade to end slut shaming and I’m grateful to have a male perspective that is often so lost in feminism.

Astonishing Legends: Aliens, cryptozoology and more, these guys discuss crazy theories.  The podcast I listened to was about the Keckburg Incident.   A mysterious object appeared in the sky December of 1965 in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.  It moved in a way that planes and meteorites could not, changing it’s course several times then crashed.  Theories of military experiments, aliens, or humans from the future erupted and these men discuss their validity.They did kind of go off on a tangent but it was still interesting.

More about LA Life soon!

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