Job Hunting in Los Angeles Part 1

As I was driving to Los Angeles and I got two calls that companies wanted to interview me. Fast forward past the pink flamingo gas station, petrified alligator and California Sons motorcycle gang, I’m in Los Angeles… well, Santa Clarita.

Before my interview, I do my due diligence and research the company. Their website was not very informative using a lot of vague wording. Then I look them up on wiki.corporation. Their president is like my age with only two jobs previously. Then I found a scary ass article about pyramid schemes. Slowly, I started questioning, what the hell is this company?

After a long, long, drive to Long Beach, I walked into an office where a bored secretary is playing candy crush at an empty desk. She didn’t have a computer or filing cabinet, like just her and her cellphone. Then I sit in the waiting room decorated in a fake gold plated everything thinking, something is off.


I sit in this beautiful, young, Armenian’s office with fake gold Target décor. While she goes through my resume she basically says I’m not very experienced. Then I start asking her questions. “How old is this business?” “How do you acquire clients?” “How do people get paid?” Then she explains the whole thing is going to events or businesses like Costco and Walmart and setting up booths. Then you sell things like cable, diet pills and more. So it’s just getting paid commission and praying people buy this crap you’re peddling like diet supplements and then you go into management within like 3 months.

Then next interview I go in sort of expecting the same thing. I go into a room with a rather large man sitting in a chair and surrounded by books. He asks me, “What’s your passion and what do you want to do with it?”
“I love writing and I love to develop that into a career.” “That’s a lightbulb and we need lasers. A light bulb brightens a room but a laser cuts through things.” In my head, I’m thinking, Well those are just different purposes?

“Listen this isn’t a scam, it’s an opportunity. I have people making like 80,000 a month. You aren’t going to make that writing.”
“Yeah, I’m just not interested in sales.”
“This is how it works!” He says sketching out a pyramid, literally defining a pyramid scheme but saying it’s not a pyramid scheme. It’s a pyramid scheme, people. giphy
He proceeds to list why he’s successful and goes on about his life story. He goes on saying he has started 5 businesses in 3 states (explaining each one in grueling detail) yet somehow has time to interview clients. It goes on and on.
Then he starts telling me I need to read. He stands up and starts pulling books on shelves and explains why I need to read each one in detail.

By the end, I say, “I guess thanks for talking to me about this.” I’m just trying to be nice but he’s wasted an hour of my life talking about a job I didn’t want and telling me I don’t think right. All this is selling cable out of a Costco booth every weekend. He’s trying to make it look like a shining light in a dismal economy.giphy-2

It’s been a week. I’m not giving up or settling quite yet. I’ve been using Zip Recruiter and Indeed. Now I know what not to apply for!

Sangria Lips-3.png

2 thoughts on “Job Hunting in Los Angeles Part 1

  1. Ugh I accidentally went to a similar interview once too, when I was looking for an internship in college. It became clear about 10 minutes into it, but I felt like I couldn’t leave without being very rude. Good luck with the job search!


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