Bangkok: The Land of Smiles and Pad Thai

In Bangkok, every street corner had carts of food, street art or a temple.  While some of my friends told me not to spend much time there, I fell in love with the city.  The land of smiles welcomed me with a delicious embrace.

Sleep: I stayed at the lovely and cozy Bed Station. Great staff, comfortable environment, social community, and the location was near the metro, the mall, and affordable street food. I loved the cat lounged on bean bags and snuggles with guests.

This is the hostel’s cat posing for the camera


Eat: I ate street food most of the time.  Sometimes when I joined other travelers they’d go to restaurants but it’s a waste of money. You can easily eat a meal under $5.

Get Around: The metro is clean and easy to use. Wherever you can’t take the metro a water taxi is a cheap option as well.  Tuk tuks are fun but overpriced but a novel experience.

Places-To-Go (In order of importance)

The Grand Palace: Built in 1782, this architectural wonder is a must see.  There’s also a temple to the Emerald Buddha.  Only thing is it is incredibly crowded.

Wat Po (Temple of the Reclining Buddha): Giant, beautiful temple with a huge gold-plated reclining Buddha. It’s also right behind The Grand Palace.  Make sure to wander around the complex and don’t just pop into the temple and leave.  There’s a lot of amazing architecture to gawk at.

Wat Saket (Temple Mount): the Incredible panoramic view is worth the ~300 steep steps. There is an unusual cemetery you will pass on your ascend up.  This was the city’s crematorium for al ong time.  At the top there is a little exhibit about sky burials as well.  You can ring lots of bells and gongs!  It’s super satisfying to hit a giant gong.

Wat Traimit (The Golden Buddha): The Buddha is 5 meters height and weighs half a ton.  An interesting fact is the Buddha was disguised with plaster during a wat.

Khao San Road: All the bars with dancing in the streets.

Chatuchak Weekend Market: Fun place to shop for literally anything your heart desires. IT was the best market I have been to in Asia.

Bangkok Art Centre: A seven-story building with three floors serving as a museum and the others have smaller galleries, workshops, coffee shops and stores.  It spent about 2 hours here looking at art.  There was even a live band.  It’s all free!!!

Lumphini Park: A nice park in the city center with a lake in the middle.  Monitor lizards swim in the water.



Eat street food: Street food generally runs afternoon and then there’s a break between like 3-6.  Then they start serving until pretty late almost midnight.  Tuesdays by The Bed Station there was no street food so the city has time to clean the streets.

Take a water taxi: See the sights and a mist on a water taxi!  I took the water taxi from The Bed Station right to Temple Mount.

Ride in a Tuk Tuk: The drivers are reckless, the decorations are cheesy and it’s overpriced.  Despite all of that, your Bangkok experience isn’t complete without one ride.

Visit the mall MBK: Seems like a weird thing to put on the list but seeing the Asian fashion and art installations were a lot of fun.  It’s also near The Bangkok Centre of Art.


I used Get Your Guide to Book some Tours.

Bangkok Half-Day City and Temples Tour: This included Wat Po, Marble Temple, and The Golden Buddha.  They had a private car pick me up at my hostel and a guide.  I would not recommend it.  A car is so much slower than using public transportation.  The guide was nice but didn’t add a whole lot to the experience.  You are better off doing it on your own.

From Bangkok: Ayutthaya Tour with Return River Cruise: A great day trip I wrote a blog post about.


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