Job Hunting: Part 2

It’s been 3 weeks in Los Angeles. In that time, my aunt was released from the hospital, volunteered at LA Fashion Week, saw a reality TV show film, went to my first LA club, and used Uber pool for the first time. During that time, I’ve applied for approximately 250 jobs.


I got an interview for a fashion website’s copywriting position, corresponded with a cosmetic startup, spoke to a few bartending positions and met with a temp-to-hire agency, ACT-1.


LA Fashion Week was stressful, surreal, fun and filled with new experiences.  I came in at 11 AM and left around 10 PM every day.  My day was setting up the event, dressing models, cleaning, and checking people in.  By the end, I was exhausted but I got amazing gift bags, met great people and witnessed incredible fashion.

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After a week of applying to every online posting, on Friday I applied to a few craft beer bars.  The first one seemed great!  I had a beer talked to the manager.  Then the second one, the guy had me waiting for a while so I ordered another beer.  After almost 30 minutes he comes out to what I was told to take my resume and then to schedule an interview.  It turns into an interview.  The whole time he’s saying I don’t have any experience so I convinced him bartending for a year and a half does count as a serving job.  Then he hired me!  So I finish my beer, chit chat with this girl, mention an interview on Monday with a temp agency, and ask her about her life.  Next, I go to the gym where I get a call.  “We decided to not hire you.”

“May I ask why?”

“I heard you have an interview on Monday.  Also, you ordered a beer during an interview.”

“Okay, thanks?”


So now I know don’t order a beer at a bar.  However, may I point out that if I’m applying at a beer it’s good to know the product and enjoy the product but whatever.  It’s not a place I would have wanted to work at anyway.



Monday came and my interview with ACT-1 came.  It went well.  The girl listed a few positions she wanted to send my resume to.  She gave me an overview of policies.  It was feeling good about my options.  I was starting to feel very confident I’d get a job soon.  So I told everyone I was going to wait out this week and let the chips fall where they may.  Well, it’s Thursday.  No calls. So I started back to applying to on Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Craigslist.  I also applied to 2 more employment companies.  If I don’t get any call backs next week I’ll start going from restaurant to restaurant with my resume.


I don’t know why I’m stressing I’ve only been here 3 weeks.  For some reason, I thought I would have more interviews and see more options.  But again, I chose one of the hardest cities to live in.giphy-3


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