Island Hopping in Krabi, Thailand

I joined G Adventures in Bangkok and the next day, we took an overnight train down to Krabi. There were tables with chairs converted into beds later.  It was pretty comfortable.  Now, it’s pretty much the same price as a flight 1.2 hour and it’s like 12 hours. So I wouldn’t really suggest a train over a plane. Also, when we got to our stop we were woken up and told to get up and go. No time to react!  I almost left my kindle!  IMG_8312

Krabi was stunning and we were so lucky to get amazing weather.  When we arrived we got massages then went to a nearby beach by ferry.  I kayaked between the tall rock formations for only $3 an hour.  Then the next two day, we went on two tours on a boat to snorkel.  The first was organized by our hostel.  The second we rented one with just our group.

Snorkeling was a little overwhelming because the breathing is difficult and the masks were worn out.  We did see some fish but not much diversity.  Though, I found Nemo!

On the second tour, we swam to a little island with monkeys on it.  So we saw cute monkeys living on a pile of trash from tourists.  My tour guide says, “Monkeys can’t swim.”  On the way back, they started swimming after us!  They thought we had food!  A security boat came out and cut off the swimming monkeys. One’s head goes down.  Oh my God, it’s dead.  But eventually, the monkey resurfaces.  It was quite emotional.



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