Delayed in Manila: My Phil-Am Nightmare

My journey back to America from Asia included a night in a Manila hostel so I could catch my Philippine Air flight back to Albuquerque.  So I arrive at the Manila airport and all is well.  

Then it’s announced our flight will be delayed 4 hours.  I’m disappointed and with no outlets, my phone battery and backup battery die. I’m hoping my kindle will survive the 4 hours.  So for they give up water and fried chicken so calm the annoyed masses.  giphy-1

At first, I wasn’t terribly concerned because my layover was 6 hours anyway.  So I bought an egg sandwich and waited.  I met a very nice girl and we started chatting.  Then they started boarding.  We asked to sit together and got comfy.  First, the thing I noticed was the plane was an older model with no TVs.  My plans of catching up on movies were foiled.  But my new travel buddy had a computer and we started watching a show.  After awhile, we realized, the plane hasn’t budged.  Soon the announcer asks us the get off of the plane because there were technical issues.  Now I’m realizing I will miss my flight.  Everyone is realizing that something is wrong and they need to figure out how they are going to get home.  The whole cabin sighed and got off the plane begrudgingly.  giphy-3

Everyone immediately mobbed the help desk in fury.  The attendants were useless and rude.  They asked us to write down our flight numbers and information.  They were not rescheduling anyone’s flights and soon people were screaming and crying.  A woman with an autistic son was running out of medication.  A man realized he was going to miss out on several important business meetings.  A man was yelling because he was going to miss a tour he had paid for.  When the announcement that our originally 11 am flight would now maybe take off at 8 PM.  They fed us more chicken and handed out more water.  

When I asked the attendants about my flight to Albuquerque, they had forgotten to even call it.  They had the audacity to say I needed to pay out of pocket.  I showed them the Philippine Air Passenger rights and started yelling that my I need vouchers.  I want a new flight.  I want to know when I’m going home.  I was livid. I was also scared that if this flight needs all these repairs maybe it shouldn’t be flying at all.giphy-2

Finally, we got on the plane and we said a little prayer before takeoff.  All was well.  My travel buddy gave me some sleeping pills.  

Finally, I land and my flight from Los Angeles to Albuquerque was not booked.  Of course, not.  So I have to wait in a long line to get assistance at the help desk with a bunch of other irritate people.  I was patient and it paid off.  When I was finally assisted I was given food vouchers, a straight flight home in the morning and a night at the Hyatt.  


It was sure to happen eventually in my travels.


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