LA Job Hunting: Part 3


After ~700 applications and 15 interviews in one month, I was actually offered two jobs in one day!  One was through the job postings on facebook and the other through AppleOne Temp Agency.


Apple One had been recommended by multiple people and resources as the largest and best temp agency.  They do mostly temp-to-hire positions.  I applied to serval staffing agencies most of which just forwarded my resume and never met me.  But Apple One called me into watch a video, complete quizzes, and have a detailed meeting with my caseworker and meet the rest of the team.  My caseworker was so sweet and was in constant contact about different jobs.  


AppleOne got me a job at a great company with lots of opportunity through a temp agency, AppleOne.  I have 3 months of part time and if they like me hopefully they’ll put a ring on it and make me full-time!  I turned down the Facebook because they couldn’t offer any opportunity or full-time.


After getting my part time position, I started looking for another income to help me out.  I made a profile. I already started a personal assistant position for a new mom.  She has me do errands like groceries, picking up craigslist purchases, and picking up packages while she spends time with her one year old daughter or is at work.  All of the errands are super close to each other and takes a few hours.  She’s super nice and I’m so happy for the work she’s giving me. Every little bit helps.  I’m still exploring and applying for other side jobs like transcription, dog walking, and copywriting. I will keep you posted about side hustle progress.


Now I’m looking for a cheap apartment that I can afford while I’m on part time closer to my job.  Right now my commute is a little over an hour and it’s driving me nuts! Luckily, my job is outside of Los Angeles city center so rent is significantly cheaper.  I’ve noticed a lot of dorm living situations to cope with expensive rent.  If I can live in a hostel, I think I can handle living in a dorm.  It’s much more flexible for someone like that can’t commit to a full lease or afford my own apartment yet.
So that is the next part of the adventure!   

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