Singapore: Lost in Light and Flowers

G Adventure unfortunately only gave us ONE, one, singular day in Singapore.  We made the most of it with the bus pass but luckily since I didn’t have job, I booked five days in Singapore. Everyone said it was going to be crazy expensive but compared to America it’s affordable.  


Getting Around: The metro is amazing.  It’s clean, efficient, labeled well, and has English instructions.  Also, so much of the city is walkable and beautiful that you might as well enjoy a stroll if you aren’t in a rush.  My group and I took the Sightseeing Bus around and it was pretty cool to see the city.  However, it’s a little pricy so I wouldn’t do it again.  It’s kind of pointless to pay for it when the metro system is more efficient.


Food: Singapore has a mix of Asian cuisine with Chinese and Indian at the forefront.  There’s a wide selection of dining options that are affordable.  I mostly had meals in the Chinatown market where there are street vendors and restaurants.


Accommodation: I stayed in Bohemian Chic Hostel.  The rooms were really nice with a flat screen in my bed, lots of bathrooms, and an outlet by my bed.  It was in Chinatown right next to the market.  The breakfast was okay with just toast and coffee. There were mini kitchens with just a microwave and some silverware.  The lounges were cramped and the reception was playing loud music and movies on their computer at the same time.  So every time I went to the lounge I got a headache with all the clashing noises.  Also, the TV’s in the bed are kind of hard to figure out and stop and go a lot. So I would give this hostel a 7/10 rating.  



Gardens by the Bay: Do you like flowers, lights, and music? Then you’ll love The Gardens at the Bay.  It’s featured in every single post about Singapore. It’s beautiful. There are three parts of Gardens by the Bay: The Supergrove with the skywalk, the flower dome, and the cloud forest.

 –The Skywalk has a great view of the city and you get to be in the Super Grove trees, I didn’t go because I’m afraid of heights that if you’re not, go for it!

The Cloud Forest is a man-made rainforest with a huge waterfall, exotic flowers, and a refreshing mist.  

-Then The Supergrove Tree light show is every night at 7:45PM and 8:45PM.  It’s free but get there early with a blanket so you can get a good spot.  It’s’ so beautiful and surreal, just go.  This should be number#1 on your list. 


The Flower Dome is pretty cool but if you’ve already seen the Botanical Gardens then it’s not really worth it.  If you skip the Botanical Gardens to spend the day at Gardens By the Bay then you might as well go to the Flower Dome.  It’s beautiful, with tons of different kinds of plants and in.

Botanical Gardens are huge, free and have a really cool set up with each garden having a theme.  We went to the scented, healing and the rainforest gardens.  We even spotted a baby owl perched in a tree.  The grounds are massive and we could have spent the entire day there but we were limited in our time.16832108_10206545055223498_4849271840666310547_n

Little India: We ran into an Indian festival.  It was the same as in Kuala Lumpur with men carrying metal ornaments on their backs and items pierced through their backs.  This neighborhood also has great food, shopping (especially saris and jewelry), and street art.16864415_10206545027702810_3845550841920613866_n

Chinatown: As I said, festivals, the best shopping for tourist trinkets, street food, and beautiful architecture.  



Merlion Park was a great little park with a giant fountain of a Merlion.  Unfortunately, when I was there it was under construction but there’s still a nice view, free toilets, and some food stands so it was worth a little pit stop.

Raffles: Ever hear of a Singapore Slinger? Well, Raffles is where it was invented.  Raffles is a up-scale hotel with an interesting bar.  It’s the only place in Singapore where it is legal to litter.  Bags of peanuts are served at your table and you can throw the shells on the ground.  The Singapore Slinger was born because women weren’t supposed to drink, it was unladylike.  So a bartender decided to make it look like they were drinking juice and thus was born the Singapore Slinger.  It’s worth a stop to see the beautiful building and see a little part of Singaporean history,


The Flyer is just a super expensive Ferris wheel and the skywalk is cooler so skip it.

The Zoo and Night Safari was something I didn’t want to do but the G Adventure group really wanted to do it.  We realized it was a zoo with some animals like bats and wallabies had really cool exhibits where you could interact with the animals.  Then animals like tigers, elephants, and porcupines were in cramped quarters, exhibiting signs of anxiety (pacing, staring at the wall, and fidgeting).  I don’t think I’ll ever go to a zoo again.  It was too heartbreaking.  

The Hop On Hop Off Bus was over priced and pointless considering the public transportation is amazing.  I felt like I wasted some time on it.

Any pop culture themed cafe, there’s a Harry Potter and Friends cafes that I know about, there’s probably more.  We went to the Harry Potter one.  It wasn’t really decorated or anything.  The food was overpriced but good.  The only thing Harry Potter was the menu and a stand of dress up items.  

Universal Studios:  Weigh out your options.  I moved to California so no I’m not paying to go to Universal when I live in the same city as the California one BUT if you don’t have access to a Universal Studios it might be worth it to you.


I really like Singapore.  It was one of my favorite destinations.  The city is lively, colorful, and there’s so much to see.  I was so grateful I booked more time than the initial tour because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have seen much of the city at all.  


5 thoughts on “Singapore: Lost in Light and Flowers

  1. Glad I skipped the Flyer and the zoo. I’m curious as to how the Universal Studios compares to the one in California. Hopefully it is better because the one in CA kinda sucks.


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