Sleeping in Airports

It’s a necessary evil to crash on the floor of an airport in between long layovers.  I have a few things I pack to make it go by a littler easier.giphy-1.gif

  • Sleeping Bag or Blanket
  • Hoodie
  • Charger with adapter
  • Kindle
  • Adult coloring book or some unplugged activity
  • Eye mask
  • Earplugs

With all these in hand, it takes a few strolls around an airport to find an open outlet on some carpet.  Make sure you stock up on water and snacks because food courts aren’t always 24/7.  I usually put my suitcase of backpack against a wall and sleep in front of it to protect it.  Or sometimes I’ll put my backpack at the bottom of my sleeping bag because I sleep in fetal position anyway.  giphy.gif

It’s also nice to download a sleep music app or sleep playlist because airports can get loud so it helps block out the sound.  Ear plugs can only do so much for you.  

Make sure you set your alarm to an appropriate time and on vibrate so you don’t disturb other around you or miss your flight.  

Research the airport before you schedule that long layover checks with  Some places do not like backpackers sleeping there and some airports simply aren’t designed to have people sleeping there.  The Manila airport has no outlets, no carpet, and few eating options so I wouldn’t suggest sleeping there.  On the other hand, the Singapore airport is dope: movie theater, gardens, a huge food court and private booths with televisions. There was a rumor about a pool even!  

Travel isn’t always glamorous especially when you’re on a budget but the rewards are priceless.

Tell me about your airport experiences below!

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