Venice Beach biking to wanderlust

Exploring is my favorite hobby!  LA has so much to offer and in 4 months here I haven’t even scratched the surface.  

A friend I met traveling in Morocco was staying in Venice so I decided to spend the day with them. We started from Venice Beach. We saw an installation of flags, street art, and a Snapchat protest (Snapchat bought the Freakshow’s building and were kicking them out).  The Freakshow put on a free show for us!  thumb_IMG_2626_1024

Then we rode bikes to Santa Monica Pier.  The bike path is too narrow, overcrowded, and pedestrians kept walking on it despite clear signs stating only bikes!  

We made it to Santa Monica Pier.  Through a coincidence, there was a Wanderlust Festival where we took a hula hoop class, experienced virtual reality, and tried Ole Henriksen skin care. It was a beautiful day in the sun.  


Unfortunately, the bikes we rented from Jay’s rentals were rusted and malfunctioning.  My basket kept popping off and my friend’s seat popped off a few times.  Eventually, it popped off and she ran into an another cyclist. Shaken up and scratched up we returned the bikes and complained.  Demanding no charge for any of our bikes.  At first, he said, “Well you made it back so what’s the problem.”To which I replied, “ If she hit her head or broke her arm we’d be shutting your business down.” He finally gave in and gave us a week’s worth of free rides.

Personally, I’m never riding bikes there ever again. It’s not equipped for how many trips down that path. Other than that, it was a lovely day.  

Finally, we ended the day laying on the beach snacking.  Can’t wait to discover more of LA!

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